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My Story

Behind the Words

A dual-citizen living in London, I grew up in America. Working in post-production in Los Angeles in the film and television industry, I always had one foot in the writing world. But, it wasn’t until I finished my Master's Degree I realised how important cultural understanding and historical research is to the writing process. 

As an experienced writer and ghostwriter, my most valuable skill is adaptability. In my own essays and reviews, I strive to develop my own literary style. When approaching ghost and editorial projects, I research the background of the subject and write in the voice of the client. For editing projects and re-writes, I always consider the author's original intent. 

To find out more or to discuss a potential project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.

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Personal Biographer -  Story Terrace

Creative Writing Services -  Gotham Ghostwriters

2017 - Present

Premium-level Ghostwriter

  • Family Histories

  • Military Veterans

  • CEOs & Business Owners

  • Trauma Survivors

  • Immigration Stories

  • Artists & Musicians


2016 - Present

Contributing Writer

  • Film Reviews, Essays & Interviews

  • Women's Issues & Politics

  • Music Reviews, Essays & Interviews

  • Culture & Travel & Ex-pat Life

  • On Writing

  • Humour

Desk with Book

"I would just like to say what a pleasure it was to have you interpret my ramblings into a very readable account of my journey through life. You were always patient and helpful, particularly when I wanted to add or change something.

I am most pleased with the end product, especially as I did not know what I really wanted before we started. I will always be grateful for your guidance and expertise. Thank you." 

John Woods, Retired British Army Officer


Select Pieces


Interview with writer Jenn Upton

and Story Terrace CEO Rutger Bruining on

The Weekend Breakfast with Penny Smith.

March 2020

An in-depth conversation on the beginnings of Story Terrace 

and what it's like to be a Story Terrace writer


Technology as a Bridge:

A Writer's Guide to Working Remotely

Story Terrace

April 2020

A 'How-To' guide on what it's like to create memoirs entirely online


Lost in Adaptation: Ringu

From Novel to Screen

Through a Feminist Lens

Bloody Women - The Final Girls

September 2020

An exploration of Koji Suzuki's novel and Hideo Nakata's film



Alvin Gibbs' Diminished Responsibility:

My Life as a UK Sub Volume 1


August 2020

Book Review


Select Pieces


Halloween Horrors 2020


Classic TV Horror

When Michael Calls

October 2020

A look at Michael Douglas in an obscure TV movie from 1972.



Naked Massacre (1976)

From the Series: Chilling Classics Month

November 2018

A film review "that makes you want to watch the movie immediately."

B&W Punk Band

Square Punk


October 2019

A short essay on the state of punk rock music scene.

Corona Graphic.jpg

Positivity in a Time of Pandemic


March 2020

A short essay on staying positive under the lock down


Editing Clients

More books in this series coming soon!

The American English version of Xarpa Books' Spanish Children's Series Txano & Oscar

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Greater London, United Kingdom

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